Best Minecraft Texture Packs

Best Minecraft Texture PacksThe Minecraft experience can be further customized with the use of Minecraft texture packs. A texture pack is a file with a new and refreshing graphical interface for the Minecraft game. These files are available all over the internet and can be easily installed with no additional software. Thousands of texture packs are made available for realistic graphics, obscure themes, and simplistic styles.

When you find a texture pack you like, you can download the file from many of the typical file sharing websites. A texture pack is packaged in a zip file which can be directly loaded into the Minecraft client. To load a texture pack open Minecraft and select Texture Packs, you will be able to open the texture pack folder, where you will be able to navigate the explorer window and load the zip file you downloaded. Once a texture pack is loaded into the client you can select it and switch out new texture packs added in the future.

You can find the best Minecraft texture pack resources and an overview of these directory websites on our texture pack download page. Once you have downloaded an available texture pack you can follow the texture pack installation instructions to load and select the desired pack.